The Artist

Jenelle’s work is devoted to composing timeless, elegant, inspiring imagery, uncomplicated and filled with light. A background in art, a love of medium format film and an appreciation for the honest beauty of the natural world since a young age spark poetic images that evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing to re-experience passing moments in time. Jenelle resides in British Columbia, Canada amid the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When not creating art she enjoys yoga and spending time with the ocean.


Jenelle was born in Vancouver, Canada. She began drawing and painting with watercolours as soon as she was old enough to hold a brush or a pencil in her hand. At the age of eight years old Jenelle’s family relocated to a small farming community in the Okanagan valley. Jenelle’s childhood was spent playing in the many lakes and rivers of the British Columbia interior, riding horses, entering her paintings in the town fair and running through the fields of rural BC chasing after her two dogs. During the summer months Jenelle’s family would pile into their 1990 Ford LTD and tent across many parts of western Canada and Washington and Oregon states in the US. A lifelong love affair with the Pacific Ocean eventually carried Jenelle back to Vancouver where she discovered the art of photography. Jenelle now resides in the city of Prince George, British Columbia’s northern capital, splitting her time between the BC interior and her beloved west coast. Wind and River is named for Jenelle’s father, her family’s pioneer for their many camping trips and time spent amidst the incredible, honest beauty of nature.


WIND AND RIVER has been FEATURED on prominent PUBLICATIONS such as The Knot, MAGNOLIA ROUGE, Belle Lumière Magazine, COTTAGE HILL, Joy Wed, VALE + VINE and more.